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Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents Attorney
in Federal Way, Washington

Receive Legal Representation for Your Bicycle Accident

It can be a very frightening experience being injured particularly from a bicycle or pedestrian accident. It can cause emotional, physical, and financial damage.

Since every case of injury is different, work with the law office that understands and is trained to handle your case thoroughly.

Receive representation from the attorney that will put in 110% to get you the maximum compensation possible. Choose A. Robert E. Thomson, Attorney at Law. Contact us today!

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We'll Help You Get Compensation
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  • Medical expenses

  • Loss of earnings

  • Pain and suffering

  • Cost of temporary/alternate transportation

  • Work, family, or life-related obstacles stemming from

  • Injuries sustained

Our Lawyers Will Fight for The Justice You Deserve

Prevent your accident from leaving you with astronomical medical bills and personal injuries. Protect yourself, your family, and your investments by having us fight for the justice you deserve. With our focused attention on personal injury while walking, biking, driving, or otherwise, we provide you with the best possible legal services for your situation and work for your benefit.